Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Butter Battle...

This story was written for kids.  It's the story of how two peoples who are basically the same, get deeper and deeper into hate, vengence, weapons... all for something quite basic and simple.  Originally it was written with the U.S/USSR cold war in mind.  I wonder if this also looks like congress?  If this also looks like gay rights/religion?

It's the story of how the world comes to the brink of destruction because two peoples can't simply acknowledge that each does something differently, does something that seems and feels and is right for them.
Maybe it doesn't work for anything but the cold war.... but maybe it is also a good lesson.  



Scottie said...

Yes, Randy, we will see. While on some level we are all the same, wanting the same basic things to live, how do we translate hate and anger to hope and peace? A place for all people, and not just some. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I took a long look at this cartoon. Sometimes it drags a bit, but it strikes me that pride in something can quickly be turned to "I'm right, you are wrong AND a threat to me". That's something that is scary. It's where racism becomes acceptable. It's where religious fundamentalism/intollerance gains hold. It's where nationalism becomes cold war. It's frightening how that bit of pride in "self, my ways" quickly gets twisted.
The trick, I guess, is to be confident in who we are, celebrate the differences in each person and each perspective. Until we as a people are humble enough to believe our ways aren't right for everyone - something America has real trouble comprehending - then those issues listed above we repeatedly take us to strife with our neighbors.