Sunday, April 20, 2014

And the truth....

Hi Everyone...
  I know... long time, no posting.  I've been a bit wrapped up in Spring!!  Oh, it was a very cold winter, and I'm loving this that we are having now... you know, when it isn't snowing.  Yep.. it snowed on Tuesday.  There's no escape!  But, the crocusses are blooming, the daffodils are blooming, and Spring just might be here, finally??

  Found this great post on

Mississippi recently passed a law allowing businesses to deny LGBT people on religious grounds, but some business owners aren’t having it. Hundreds of businesses throughout the state are displaying these stickers in their windows to demonstrate their commitment to equality. It’s part of “If You’re Buying, We’re Selling,” a campaign by Equality Mississippi and 30 local businesses to combat harmful effects of the religious freedom bill. Yes, yes, yes. Mississippians, look for this when you shop. (via The Advocate)

I want things to be taken a step further.  I believe we need truth in advertising.  Truth in to whom the business caters.

 What I would like to see is for all businesses to have to place one of these stickers, either one, in their front window so everyone can see.  That way, the buying public can make informed decisions on where to spend our money.  If these so called "religious objections" are so real, then be proud of what an asshole you are.  Don't wait to surprise your buying public, put your money where your mouth is.  Maybe in some areas, people would actually prosper with this tag in the front window.  But, I would hope that the public wouldn't generally support any business operated by a bigot. 



Anonymous said...

Arizona didn't let this bill become law (thank you, guvnah!) because Arizona is actually a place where businesses want to be. Mississippi, apparently not so much, given the lack of outcry over their new discrimination which will cost them millions of dollars to try to defend when the suits hit the fan and the DOJ gets involved. I simply don't understand how these Republicans can be so damned STUPID about damn near EVERYTHING!

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Jay;
It seems to be that the republicans have been watching fox news for so long that they have lost touch with reality. They have forgotten that opinion and fact are not the same. They have lost touch with the difference between religion and law. I mean, there has to be some sort of subliminal stuff going on to get rednecks with no money to vote for people who only want to give poor millionaires and industrious billionaires tax breaks. Or, as you say... they may just be that stupid. Hard to tell.


Scottie said...

Randy are you saying they actually are starting to believe the silly nonsense they spout all the time. WOW. :P Hugs

Scottie said...

Randy are you saying they actually are starting to believe the silly nonsense they spout all the time. WOW. :P Hugs

Scottie said...

Time to start blogging again my wonderful brother, you have a lot to say. I know we need to hear it. Hugs

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